How to Draw a Cartoon Wolf, Step by Step

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how to draw a cartoon wolf

When you think of a full moon one of the first things that comes to your mind is a wolf. An image of a wolf sitting or standing at the edge of a hill top with it’s head and neck arched back as it hollows at the moon is a mental picture that is in the minds of millions of people across the globe. Children and adults seem to be drawn to these remarkable animals because they are incredibly beautiful even though they are greatly feared. This tutorial is going to teach you how to draw a cartoon wolf, step by step. Now instead of going out there and finding a lesson on a plain looking wolf, I went ahead and uploaded a tutorial on a very colorful, charismatic, and happy type of wolf that is going to not only be easy to draw, but fun to color too. Drawing cartoon wolves can be a bit difficult because they are animals that are highly detailed. If you are lucky to find a lesson that is easy to follow and simple to understand, you will benefit ten fold. The best part of this submission is the fact that when you draw a cartoon wolf like the one you see here, you will also have a blast coloring it in. Like a lot of the lessons provided for you here on Draw Cartoon Animals, this step by step is provided by I can’t find too many sites out there that has quality lessons, and colorful pictures. So because of this I always look there first before anywhere else. Have fun everyone!

how to draw a cartoon wolfhow to draw a cartoon wolf

how to draw a cartoon wolfhow to draw a cartoon wolf

how to draw a cartoon wolfhow to draw a cartoon wolf

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